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Membership subscriptions are an essential source of income and without them ACA and Social Club would not be able to operate. ACA bar is licenced to operate as a members club so membership of ACA is required to regularly drink in the bar and take part in section activities. Members are also entitled to vote on who runs the club.

It is possible to attend as a guest of a member, but once you have attended more than a few times we request that you become a member. 

ACA membership subscriptions for 2024/25 are as follows:-

Adult £35
Junior / Student £17.50
Family £70

ACA membership year runs from 1st April to 31st March.
Membership fees may be paid online, behind the bar, directly to the Membership Secretary or to section treasurers.

Additional ACA section attendance fees are payable to cover the expenses related to that activity. These are currently £3 per session or £85 pa
Membership fee reduced by 50% after 1st October

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